We have some exciting news to share! JellyFish is thrilled to announce the launch of JellyFish Cloud 2.0, our most significant update yet. Packed with new features and improvements, this update is designed to make your lighting experience more intuitive, flexible, and enjoyable. Let’s dive into what’s new!

Simplified Accent Creation
Creating accents has never been easier. With JellyFish Cloud 2.0, accent creation is now integrated into the ‘Pattern’ tab. Simply press the + button in the top right corner to start designing your accents. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for a separate ‘Accent’ tab, making the process more straightforward. Plus, selecting your desired lights is now more intuitive with our new LED grid system, replacing the old +/- cursor method.

Dynamic Patterns Preview
We know how important it is to visualize your lighting patterns. That’s why we’ve introduced a new pattern preview feature that shows what’s playing with movement. This dynamic display allows you to see your patterns in action before setting them, ensuring they look just as you envisioned.

Warm Whites Presets
Finding the perfect warm white has never been easier. JellyFish Cloud 2.0 offers presets for 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. Whether you need a cozy, warm light or a brighter, cooler tone, our presets have you covered. And if you want a custom look, you can still adjust the color to create your own warm white that perfectly matches your existing fixtures.

Enhanced Pattern Making
Creating and managing patterns is now more flexible. You can click and drag colors to rearrange the pattern order effortlessly. Adding and deleting LEDs is more intuitive, with changes based on the selected LED. We’ve also replaced the old +/- buttons with a new feature that allows you to type in RGB values directly. Additionally, our new color wheel provides a more precise and user-friendly way to select colors.

Improved Scheduling Features
Our updated scheduling features offer greater flexibility and control. On/Off timers are now separate, ensuring your lights turn off even if you turn them on manually. This also allows you to set multiple on patterns without needing an off time in between. For example, you can set your lights to turn on at 9:00, again at 10:00, and off at 11:00. Deleting timers is now as simple as swiping to the right, and you can easily enable or disable schedules as needed.

Unified Multiple Controllers
Managing multiple controllers is now a breeze. With JellyFish Cloud 2.0, all zones and patterns are visible regardless of the controller they are on, eliminating the need to switch between controllers. You can also set schedules across multiple controllers seamlessly, making it easier to coordinate your lighting setup.

Other Exciting Improvements
We’ve revamped the user interface to be sleek and modern, enhancing your overall experience. Connectivity has been increased for more reliable performance. Deleting patterns or zones is now as easy as swiping to the right. Additionally, we’ve added a light/dark mode to match your current phone setting, and a ‘What’s New’ tab where you can access tutorials and other news.

We are confident that JellyFish Cloud 2.0 will elevate your lighting experience to new heights. Update your app today to enjoy these new features and improvements. Happy lighting!

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Brooke Covel
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Brooke Covel