Nexwave Lighting Warranty

Nexwave Lighting provides a limited lifetime warranty on parts, and a three (3) year warranty on labor.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Parts and Labor. Contractor shall warranty lights, power supply, labor and workmanship involved in an installation for the greater of
(i) the Warranty Period, or (ii) the minimum required by law (collectively, “Parts and Labor Warranty”).

Telephone Support

Contractor agrees to provide free unlimited telephone support to Customer during its regular business hours throughout the Warranty Period (“Telephone Support Warranty”). Telephone Support Warranty does NOT cover support for wireless internet (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth, cellphone/tablet connectivity, or other wireless connectivity issues, and Contractor may charge Customer per service request by Customer regarding such issues. After expiration of the Warranty Period, Contractor may charge Customer per call for telephone support calls.

The warranties contained in this section shall survive any termination of this Agreement but shall only be delivered upon final payment from the Customer to Contractor

Connectivity not Warrantied

Contractor does not warranty the Jellyfish system’s connectivity to the existing home or business network, or the wifi connectivity from the Jellyfish system to any of the customers devices, as none of these devices were supplied by the contractor- even if such lack of connectivity or workability impedes the ability to operate the Jellyfish lighting system.

Lifetime Warranty

Contractor provides a lifetime warranty on parts as long as you own the home. The warranty is not transferable.

  • The warranty covers repair or replacement of defective products
  • Nexwave Lighting (Contractor) is not responsible for technical work or labor costs associated with identifying the source of the system problem after the first year of installation.
  • The warranty remains in effect as long as the product has not been serviced by anyone other than a Nexwave Lighting technician.
  • The warranty does not cover damage due to accident, misuse, negligence, war, man-made disasters, severe weather, or acts of God.