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How does JellyFish Lighting stack up against other LED lighting systems that market themselves as a similar product?

JellyFish LED Lighting SystemAlternative LED Lighting System
True 48-volt LED light (3 times the voltage)12-volt/Max 24-volt
Power injector required every 250 feetPower injector required every 75-100 feet (increase in cost for power source)
ONLY UL recognizedNot UL recognized or tested
Lights are UV protectedNot UV protected which leads to yellowing bulbs
Flatter, slightly dome shaped lights are the most discrete in the daytime“Nipple” lights that are more noticeable and hang further down
Comparable PricingComparable Pricing
User-friendly cloud-based appCustomer complaints of app not being user friendly
Various track options for different soffit/home stylesOne track option
3/4 inch track size2 inches or longer track size
Brighter – 3 LEDs per puck1 LED per puck

JellyFish LED Lighting System

  • True 48-volt LED light (3 times the voltage)

  • Power injector required every 250 feet

  • ONLY UL recognized
  • Lights are UV protected
  • Flatter, slightly dome shaped lights are the most discrete in the daytime
  • Comparable Pricing
  • User-friendly cloud-based app
  • Various track options for different soffit/home styles
  • 3/4 inch track size
  • Brighter – 3 LEDs per puck

Alternative LED Lighting System

  • 12-volt/Max 24-volt
  • Power injector required every 75-100 feet (increase in cost for power source)
  • Not UL recognized or tested
  • Not UV protected which leads to yellowing bulbs
  • “Nipple” lights that are more noticeable and hang further down
  • Comparable Pricing
  • Customer complaints of app not being user friendly
  • One track option
  • 2 inches or longer track size
  • 1 LED per puck


While JellyFish’s pricing aligns with other LED permanent track lighting systems, it outshines them in several aspects. Jellyfish lights boast a significantly higher voltage—three times that of competitors—rendering them unequivocally the brightest in the market. With a guaranteed UV protection feature, JellyFish lights not only last longer but also maintain their brightness over time, unlike non-UV-protected bulbs that tend to yellow rapidly. The lights exhibit a sleek, flat design with a subtle dome shape, ensuring a discreet appearance that diverges from the typical “Christmas lights” look, making them more suitable for everyday lighting. In contrast, the competing “nipple” style lights not only lack aesthetic appeal but also lack discretion, as illustrated in the images below.

JellyFish lights stand as the sole UL-listed lighting option currently available in the market. Having UL listing and recognition is frequently mandated for commercial code compliance. The UL listing signifies that our lights have undergone and successfully passed the most stringent testing procedures, meeting the highest industry standards. This entails a thorough evaluation by a third-party entity dedicated solely to ensuring the utmost standards in terms of safety, security and sustainability for consumer lighting products. Being UL recognized is a globally acknowledged certification for consumer lighting products, assuring consumers of the exceptional quality of our products. This recognition indicates that our lights have undergone extensive testing beyond the norm, distinguishing them as the highest-rated products based on the achieved results.

Our diverse range of track options caters to the unique variations in home construction and soffit designs. This ensures consistent visibility for our lights regardless of the specific characteristics of the house we are working on. In contrast, competitors typically provide only a single track option, resulting in varying levels of visibility depending on the house. JellyFish tracks offer a discreet and low-profile track that is significantly thinner than alternatives.

Customers who have transitioned from other lighting systems to JellyFish consistently cite several reasons for making the switch. They express satisfaction with our user-friendly app, noting its superior ease of use compared to alternatives. Additionally, they appreciate the brighter and more aesthetically pleasing nature of Jellyfish lights, highlighting the overall better quality. Improved customer service is another factor influencing their decision, along with the lights’ discreet design. Customers also love that the lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa.


Given the significant emphasis on warranty considerations for our products, we aim to provide transparency and offer some insight to help navigate you with your research and warranty conversations. JellyFish recognizes the evolving nature of technology and product enhancements, and that being a consumable product, upgrades will be implemented over time. We offer a commitment to continuous improvement based on valuable customer feedback. Many of our authorized dealers extend their own lifetime warranties, covering repairs and replacement parts for issues beyond the customer’s control. Customers rate service calls and customer service of JellyFish dealers as excellent.

Exercise caution when encountering companies that boast a “Lifetime Warranty” for consumable products heavily reliant on ever-changing technology. Upon closer examination of these warranties, customers often encounter challenges when attempting to schedule dealer visits for warranty claims.

It’s crucial to note that the labor and installation warranty duration on other “lifetime” warranties typically spans only 2 years, reducing to 1 year for specialty styles. These warranties explicitly clarify themselves as “LIMITED lifetime warranties,” contingent on product usage. They require written notice of warranty claims within specified time frames, along with stringent procedures demanding extensive proof of defects, examinations, and inspections, creating a process far from hassle-free.

The key takeaway here is that many alternative lighting systems may not be transparent about their warranty details. What is marketed as a “lifetime warranty” often falls short of the comprehensive coverage provided by most JellyFish dealers. It’s advisable to exercise caution when basing your decision solely on the presence of a lifetime warranty. Instead, engage in a conversation with your Jellyfish dealer to gain clarity on the specifics of the individual warranty they offer.


We asked JellyFish customers who had extensively researched and considered an alternative company to tell us what made them choose to go with JellyFish over the alternative. (AC) refers to an alternative company that offers similar style permanent track lighting.

“(AC) lights started to get sun warped after so long. The clear cover starts to turn yellow and dull.”
Tyler, Nebraska

“We went with JellyFish because of the cleaner look and also they are much brighter than (AC). There is another house in the neighborhood with (AC) and our looks much better and brighter.”
Craig, Wyoming

“(AC) is ugly and bulky. Looks like you have bulbs permanently around your house. JellyFish is practically invisible unless you are looking for it and know it’s there.”
Cody, Georgia

“JellyFish looks so much cleaner than (AC). I like that the lights are flat and not hanging down.”
Jeff, New Jersey

“Customer service plus they look great. Bottom line.”

“(AC) wasn’t even offered in my area at the time. They didn’t seem to have the capability that JellyFish lights have. JellyFish looks cleaner. Lastly, my JellyFish lights installer was the nicest and most humble guy you could ever meet.”

“We have a neighbor down the street with (AC). They may have the lights turned down, but they just aren’t bright enough for me. In addition to the cool lights, we use them for security as well and need my yard lit up if need be.”

“For us JellyFish was better looking quality. The housing that covers the LEDs are better hidden and not exposed to direct sunlight. When the (AC) came out and showed his housing, it poked through and can be hit by direct sunlight. Overtime I assumed it would get cloudy and reduce the amount of light it pushed through.”
Michael, Neveda

“JellyFish has brighter lights. I did not want to buy lights that were going to be dim and not stand out. After having their system for about one and a half years, I would make the same decision again.
Bill, Colorado

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